About us

We developed a novel solution for recycling cultivated media

 Our mission is to empower the cultivated meat and seafood industry to achieve its goal of delivering affordable cultivated protein products accessible to everyone

The Need

The biggest unsolved challenge of cultivated companies


The most significant challenge for companies in this field currently revolves around achieving cost-effectiveness in production. with the primary obstacle arising from media cost.

Up to

0 %

of the production costs in cell-cultivated meat arise from the media.


The cell division and differentiation processes heavily rely on a continuous supply of nutrients and growth factors provided by the media.

Cells produce metabolites during their growth, which can inhibit cell growth and differentiation. accumulation of these metabolites becomes toxic to cultured cells, significantly impeding their growth and development.

Currently, there is no efficient method for cleaning the media resulting in the disposal of valuable quantities instead of their reuse.

BOB Technology

Our technology is based on capsulated RNA constructs that are specifically coded to bind target molecules such as lactate

Bacteria expressing BOB particles

BOB particles with our RNA construct inside

Specific RNA construct

The RNA construct binds Lactate mpolecule

the recycle process

Our team

Tal Malca Salhuv

CEO & Co Founder
Seasoned executive with 20 years of experience in the food and food tech industry.

Professor Ehud Gazit

CSO & Co Founder
Professor and Endowed chair at the Faculties of Life science and Engineering, Tel Aviv University. with over 30 years of experience in biological, biochemical and biophysical sience.

Dr. Dor Zaguri

Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University in the Department of Bio-Medicine and Cancer Research. Experience in the food tech industry as a researcher and project manager.

DR. Dorit Rozner

Advisory board
Experienced food industry leader with 20+ years in global R&D management. PhD in organic chemistry from Weizmann Institute with DSM collaboration.

Our partners